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Welcome! Our mission is to create a vibrant online spiritual community available 24/7 for Swedenborgians and seekers around North America and the globe to explore, share and deepen their faith and connection to the Swedenborgian Church.  We aim to create a community where our members are known to each other, where they feel free to share openly their personal journey of faith, and where they feel nurtured and supported in their walk with the Lord.  We aim to create an open and welcoming community for new spiritual seekers, introducing the Swedenborgian Faith in an accessible way through our own powerful testimony and life experience with it. Register to participate in Discussion Forums and receive regular newsletters. At, we are church not because of physical proximity but spiritual proximity.  We welcome our many registrants and visitors of diverse perspectives and backgrounds to find inspiration, community and comfort here.  Feel free to email for more information.  Rev. Wilma Wake

This Week's Message: Elizabeth Barrett Browning: Poetry As Prayer
     Sunday Prayer Service:  9-9:30 PM EST, Chatzy Chat room
     Sunday Coffee Hour:  9:30-10 PM EST, Chatzy Chat room

Thursday Chat, July 31: Do you use poetry as prayer? Share poems you find meaningful.
9 to 10 PM,  Chatzy Chat room

International Chat, August 9:
Chatzy Chat Room, 4 PM to 5 PM EDT [click to see time in your area]

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